Event Rules

Parking and travel to Herts Pride  

There is no parking on site. Please see page to find out about all travel options on how to get to Herts Pride  

 Security, Safety, Drugs and Alcohol 

In order that Herts Pride is a safe and fun day for all we ask that you abide by the rules below:

No external alcohol brought on to site
• No glass bottles / glass containers
• No open plastic bottles / soft drinks
• No Illegal drugs (This includes formerly “legal highs” and Nitrous Oxide)
• No Weapons (obviously) 

All bags may be searched by S.I.A. trained security staff and all persons may also be subject to body searches as well. 

Security have the right to refuse admission and to remove any member of the public from the event who breaches these rules, or who causes a disturbance to the event and affects its safe running (this includes being too intoxicated). 

All staff and guests at Herts Pride have the right to feel safe at the event and we will not tolerate aggressive, rude or violent behaviour towards any volunteers, staff, stallholders or other members of the public. Unacceptable behaviour will result in you being removed from the event and if necessary, the police would be informed. 

We will have an onsite medical first aid team who will be able to offer help if you are injured or feel unwell. You will be able to locate them on the park map. 

Filming and photography 

Official Herts Pride photographers will be on site during today’s event. They will be recording and taking photographs to be used in future publicity. This may include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, our website, other social media and newspapers and magazines. They may also take photos and post them on social media during the event. In addition, members of the press, and TV production companies may also be on site. 

We would love you to take your own photos, selfies and fun videos and include us @hertspride or tag us using #hertspride so we can share in the fun day we hope you will have. 

However: please respect the privacy of other people if they do not wish to be filmed or photographed. If you do not wish to be featured let the photographer know. Herts Pride does not accept liability for images used. 

Parental Advisory 

The afternoon of Herts Pride is a family friendly event and is suitable for all. However, some of the live acts on stage after 6:00pm will include content that is unsuitable for young children or those who are easily offended. 

We would advise that those parents with young children in attendance leave the event by 6:00pm. Herts Pride  members and stewards will make a sweep of the main marquee before the evening acts start to ask any members of the public who are under the age of 16 to leave the event at this time.